Friday, June 13, 2008

Unpleasant Visitor..

On one fine rainy day.. At around 6 15 Australian Eastern Time... A boy name Christopher was watching tv in the living room alone.. He was watching The Simpsons happily and peacefully... Suddenly he heard some noise coming from the kitchen... He was like... "Hmm... Dont know which sucker trying to play a fool".. Without checking it.. He continued to watch tv... A few minutes later... He heard a louder noise... He went to the kitchen... And on the lights... The moment he on the balcony light... He saw one guy was walking out from the yard then bend down to grab his umbrella and start to walking away... From Christopher's position.. He can only see his head... Christopher was in shock wandering what the hell is the guy doing at the yard and starts to look out from the window but could not see anything because it was really dark... He saw the front door was not lock... He then begin to think... "Should i run out to shout at him.?" He did not take the choice and he went up to tell his housemate... His housemate did not want to believe him at first... In the end he still believes... They went down and open the back door to check it out.. Christopher saw that the mosquito net is out from the window... That is when they figure out that the guy wanted to break in the house... Immediately they went to lodge a police report by phone... Luckily no one was hurt.. No one fainted either... The end...

HeHeHeHe.. Phew.. It was hard to write that story i think.... Yea... That idiot.. He was like so calm when he was walking away... He dint even bother to cover the face... Guess what... The police only came at around 12 30... Gosh... They need 4 hours just to come... HaHaHa..

The police car... The only shot i got from my room..

I dont know what is in his mind.. He knows someone is in the house... And he dint even tried to open the front door but luckily he dint... HeHe... Instead he goes to the back and try to break in... And still.. Its only 6 15... But thank Got he dint manage to break in... It was really a scary experience tho.. HeHe... Anyways the police interviewed me.. Because im the witness... Just normally not like those in a room with the light shining on me.. Im not a criminal.. HeHe.. The police wanted to send someone to come and get finger prints.. I was so excited that they are coming to get finger prints cause i have neva seen one before.. Hahaha.. Sigh... But it was a raining day so they called me in the morning and said.. No point coming to get the finger prints cause the wont get it.. HeHe... So yea... The unpleasant visitor dint achieve his goal.. HeHe... Its really a big sigh of relief.. HeHe... IM STILL SAFE!! WOOO HOOO!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Laughter Is The Best Medicine..??

I always hear this wherever i go.. Laughter Is The Best Medicine... Well.. To me.. When we laugh.. We will feel alot better for sure but its not a medicine... So what im trying to say is... Its not that when we laugh we will get well if we are sick.. Dont go laugh all around when you are sick... It wont help.. HeHe.. You would look like a fool.. HaHaHa... They should rephrase it to... Laughter Is Not A Medicine..!! Anyways... Here is something i got for you to laugh... This is an email from my friend.. Some of you might have seen this but just try to enjoy this and make yourself feel better... And if you are sick now.. Dont read this post now... Read it later.. It wont help.. Hehehe.. Its something to do with funny names being translated directly to the language in brackets... Here goes..

Anne Chang

Anne Chin
(Mandarin) - Keep quiet

Faye Chen
(Mandarin) - Dusty

Carl Cheng
(Hokkien) - Buttock

Monica Cheng
Hokkien) - Touching your buttocks

Lucy Leow
(Hokkien) - You are dead

Jane Tan
(Mandarin) - Frying eggs

Suzie Leow
(Hokkien) - Lost till death

Henry Mah
(Mandarin) - Hate your mum

Corrine Tai
(Hokkien) - Poor fellow

Paul Chan
(Mandarin) - Bankrupt

Nelson Tan
(Mandarin) - Bird laying eggs

Leslie Tong
(Mandarin) - Rubbish bin

Carmen Teng
(Hokkien) - Leg hair long

Connie Mah
(Cantonese) - Call your mother

Danny See
(Hokkien) - Squeeze you to death

Rosie Teng
(Hokkien) - Screws and nails

Pete Tsai
(Hokkien) - Nose droppings

Macy Koh
(Cantonese) - Never die before

Michael Tan
(Cantonese) - Sell chicken eggs

Anyone who do not understand.. Go and find someone who can translate it for you.. HeHeHe.. Sorry for those people who are having these names now.. It cant be help once you find out the truth about your name.. HeHe.. Lastly.. There is one thing that i want to remind... Please please be careful when you are giving your son or daughter names next time... There is some who are not so careful.. HeHe..