Friday, May 30, 2008

A Day To Remember..

29th May 2008.. This day brings something really really meaningful in my flying career... It can consider the most important day in my flying career... Ill let you know what i did later in this post.. First ill just explain abit about flying so you guys can get a hang of what i am going to tell you.. HeHe... Well.. There is something we have to do which is called a circuit... It is basically flying in a rectangular shape around the airport... This is how it would look like...

Ta da..

Now... As you can see.. There is four legs we have to fly... First the upwind leg... Then crosswind leg... Downwind leg... Base leg.. And then finals to land the aircraft... This circuit flying will take around 7 to 8 minutes... Circuit is really a common thing to do in flying... It is one of the procedure we have to do if we want to do some holding in some other airport... Thats about it... So now we can go flying together... HeHeHe... Okay.. Back to the day... Why this day is so meaningful to me..?? HeHe... It is so super meaningful because today is the day i did my First Solo... This means that i flew for one circuit without an instructor for my very first time in my flying career so far... Yeap... ALL ALONE!!!!

Wooo Hooo...

My smile was like that the whole day.. HeHe.. Lucky thing i wasnt nervous at all when im flying alone in fact i was really happy... I was swaying my hand on the right sit cause there were no one there... HaHaHa... But i was nervous when i was getting checked by the instructor to see whether am i safe enough to go for my First Solo.. This is my second check tho... The first time i dint get it but now i did... HeHe... And the tower congratulated me for my First Solo.... It goes something like this..

Tower : Delta Foxtrot Zulu
Me : Bankstown Ground,go ahead
Tower : Congratulations on your First Solo
Me : Thank you very much Bankstown Ground,Delta Foxtrot Zulu

I was really happy to hear that from the tower.. HeHe.. You might be wondering why Delta Foxtrot Zulu.. Well.. In flying we have all the phraseology we have to follow.. So yea...


This is the aircraft i flew in my First Solo.. Coincidentally i got this picture taken last time before i get my First Solo.. It might be the force between me and this aircraft.. HeHeHe... Once again... Woooooo Hoooooooo..!!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Time for some the real Blue M... HaHaHa... The other day when i went to Bankstown.. Which is the nearest town for me... Its not really a big town so stop imaginating.. Its just like a small one.. Where it all happens.. It looks something like this..

Yeaps... Thats the nearest entertainment place for me.. I need to take a 30 minutes bus ride to there.. HeHe.. Well.. I went there just to get some groceries and look around... As well as exercising my eyes.. HeHe.. Went to this street they call the Vietnamese Street.. Gosh.. Its all Vietnamese there... The dint name the street wrongly i guess.. HeHe..

Look at the Vietnamese..!!

But well.. What is really exciting that day was... I made my 18 years old usefull... HeHeHe... I went in to this shop where its called 69...

This is Blue M you guys are thinking...

HaHa.. At first I dint really want to go in.. But then i was thinking.. Sigh.. Since i havent been in before might as well go in and have a look.. No harm... HeHeHeHeHe.. It really pop my eyes out man.. HaHaHaHa... Its really big inside.. Its like there are stairs to walk underground.. HeHe... When its big you should know what it means.. It means there is ALOT of "STUFFS"... I was abit scared when i go in but i made it out from there.. HeHe.... And this picture took alot of my guts to take it.. Appreciate it...!! HaHa..

Its Been Some Time...

Hey guys... Its been awhile ever since my last update... HaHaHa... Time passes really fast.. Its like a glimpse of an eye and i have been missing you guys for 3 months... And guess what... Im a year older already too.. Thanks to everyone who blog about my birthday and wishes me... Thanks alot... Now that im 19.. HeHe.. Nothing much have change about me...

Who is this.??

Just that i look abit retard in the picture... When i saw this picture i dint want to accept it was me.. HaHaHa.. But honestly.. That guys doesnt look like me to me... HeHe.. And yea... I have been quite busy i think these days so i dint bother to post for 18 days... Sorry bout that.. Made my blog such a boring blog for 18 days.. HeHe...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Blue M..??

HaHaHa... Im sure you guys must be thinking Blue Movie.. Come on.. Dont be so perverted okay.. Its Blue Mountain... Its call Blue Mountain because the mountains all appear to be in blue i colour.. Look at the pictures... And this blue colour is caused by the reflection of some kind of trees.. Well my friend's aunt brought us to the Blue Mountain... Which is really famous for their Three Sisters... Here is how the Three Sisters look like...

Pretty right..

You wont get to see their face on the rock.. There is actually a story behind the rocks about the Three Sisters.. I will just summarise it for you guys to gain some knowledge.. HeHe.. Abroginal peoples last time.. They have like different tribe and they are not allowed to marry girls from the other tribe.. There were this three guys who like this three sisters from the other tribe.. The two tribe of peoples ended up having a war because they were not happy about it... So this three sisters was turn into stones by a shaman.. After the war.. The shaman was found dead and there goes the three sisters remains on rock form in there... So now.. Thank me.. HaHa.. Anyway... It was really really nice there.. There is a few places i went.. One was Echo Point.. The first one was Sublime Point... When i was in Echo Point.. I saw this guy who wears the most striking shoe i have ever seen.. Look at the pictures and you will know... HeHe..

Sublime Point..

Another stone found with clothes..

Echo Point...

Me and the sisters..

Its my lookout point now.. HeHe..

Striking one...

Then after that we went to some place which i dont know what name is that.. Went to some explorer thing where we can see all the mining and special tree stuffs.. It use to be a mining place i think... Went to a steepest train ride which i thought it was going to be fun cause its fast.. But guess what.. Its the same phase as your grandma's walking.. HaHa.. Joking joking.. Its just slow.. HeHe.. Oh.. And i met new friend in this place.. You will see.. Hehe..

Steep train...

Kissing tree.. Can kiss as good as them..??

Big foot tree..

My new friend.. HeHe

Yeap... And there is my Blue Mountain trip.. It was really fun and alot of other stuff to see... I wont post it out cause if i do.. Then you dont have to go to Blue Mountains already when you come to Australia.. And Australia will kill me... HeHe...

Friday, May 2, 2008

First Flight..

As you guys know... I came to Australia on the 25th of February 2008... And guess what.. I was told that my course is going to start at the end of March but luckily... Dont know what happen and i started my course on the 11th of March.. Here is a little prove... HeHe..


Thats my student ID card.. If you can see it.. That is my flight time on the next day itself..!!! It was really a random and unusual way to start a course.. It started like... We were called by our college saying that there is some instructor who wants to see us.. So we went to see them and we talked for awhile... Then my instructor was like.. "Okay.. You are flying tomorrow".. I was like.. Okay... Im nervous and really excited at the same time.. And that is how my course started... Its weird i know i know... HeHe.. That night i was really excited and nervous... But i still have to go on the day if not i cant live my life and so do you..!! HaHa.. Tik tik tik.. Time passes and here comes the day..!!!

Thats after my flight..

My instructor..

Well... It wasnt that bad tho.. I had lots of fun... Its just a small training aircraft... Sorry no room.. HeHe... Its about an hour flight to learn about the aircraft... Nothing much but it is really fun.. I get to handle the plane and all.. When im up there.. I dont feel like the aircraft is even moving.. Its more like im just flying stationary there.. But the truth is im moving fast.. HeHe.. Luckily i dint get air sick.. I was just smilling all the way and i was really really happy.. HeHe.. Oh and thats my instructor Troy.. So this is my very very first flight after 8 months of studying... I just love it... HeHe..

Randomly Big Brother..

Hi... Its been some time... I just wanna ask for forgiveness.. Hopefully i will be forgiven.. HaHa.. Been busy studying these days.. Exam is on the 10th.. So wish me luck!! Well.. There is this show which i kinda got into now.. HeHe.. My cousin told me about this reality show before and now only i got to watch it as im in Australia now... Its like this 13 people got choosen to stay in this studio house.. And they have to stay in there for like dont know how long then every friday night there will be games for them.. Which is really interesting.. To me.. HeHe..

This is it..

Feel free to check it out I still dont really know about this whole show yet tho.. It just started like on Monday.. Im still geting to know this show like how i know new girls.. HaHaHa... Go and check it yourself if you want to know more.!!