Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Snowy Mountain #1

I dont go to Australia just to study okay.. I took some time off to shiok sendiri there... One of my shiok sendiri moments is when i went to the snowy mountain in Falls Creek.. Google it if you want to know about it... For what i go there.?? Snowboarding..!!!! It is really really really orgasmic i tell you.. My first time seeing snow too.. Hahaha...

The bunch of us who went..

Here i come..!!

Ski hire.. I dint hire from there but.. Hehe..

Anyhow... I went with Jon and a few friends.. It was like road trip... We rented a car and drive all the way to half way Melbourne.. Which took us 4 hours drive or more i think.. If im not mistaken.. Hehehe...

The car we rented and the boards..

Since i dont have any of the gears.. We have to rent the gears.. Which i kinda find it cool in a way i dont know why.. Hahahaha.. Oh.. I rented some wrist guard too cause that fella was telling me better get this for a first timer in case you break your wrist.. I was like "o.O... Okay okay..." Haha.. And Jon kept telling me what if you break this and that and this and that... He is a pro in manipulating minds.. Be careful peoples.. Hahaha..

Going up..??

I read some snowboarding books for beginners before i go.. Damn kiasu right i know.... But still i have to go for snowboarding classes... I thought it was easy to snowboard but its not THAT easy.. Haha..

Kiasu moments...

They had this T bar thingy where we had to hold it between our legs to get ourselves up... I dint want to try it but everyone was insisting so we had to.. I SO SUCKED AT IT!!!! I tried like so many times.!! And i couldnt get myself all the way up.. Hahaha.. In the end i just decided to walk all my way up.. Its just a short walk..

Attempt 1 failed..

Attempt 2 failed..

So the first day i went to do some classes and the second day we went more advance but poor them have to wait for me then the third day me and Jon did some crazy times as usual... We went down this super duper freaking steep mountain.. Its actually recommended for the super pros... Being a super pro wannabe.. We went..!! Its like from my view... Almost 80 degree donwhill... And guess what.. Im still here writing about this post... Hahahaha..

Getting ready to be super pro wannabe.. Hehe..

The steep..

And steepest...

Alright alright.. Thats enough for now.. Need to go makan BKT.. Hahahahaha... Will upload another part of my snowy mountain experience...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Good Night Revival..

Not trying to be a pro photographer.. Its just what i found.. Haha

Oh gosh... Looking back the last time i blogged made me realise how time really flies.. As in REALLY FLIES..!! I have been toooooo lazy to blog till now i had a sudden rush... Dont know from where what how and why... Hahahaha... I know its been so long but yea.. Sorry again.. Hahaha.. I dont know how many times i have to say sorry for not blogging.. Hahahaha.. Eh.. I dont get money for blogging but.. Unless someone wants to pay me to blog then it can be arranged.. Heheheh..

Anyhow... Im back to my cuti-cuti Malaysia...!!! I came back like awhile ago.. On the 7th May my wonderful day a.k.a the day i got older.. It was good to be back after 1 year and 2 months of war in Aus... Gosh.. Im somehow amazed how i survived my whole time there but honestly it was a really good experience and im really thankful to my parents.. Hehe... I will try to blog more about my Aussie experience and whatever happens.. So stay tuned.... Hehehe...